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Governor of Puerto Rico: ‘We Urge Truckers to Desist From the Strike’

obernador de Puerto Rico: «Exhortamos a los camioneros a desistir del paro»

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The governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, spoke out against the transportation strike that began on Wednesday, July 21 on the island and urged truckers to desist from their protest.

“We urge the truckers to desist from the strike, since it is significantly affecting our citizens and our economy,” Pierluisi said in a press release disseminated on social networks.

The governor assured that his team is collaborating with the Bureau of Transportation and Other Public Services (NTPS): “We are confident that we will achieve an adequate resolution to this controversy.

He also pledged to continue the dialogue with the truckers, the NTPS and the private sector. This last statement responds to one of the obstacles imposed by the Fiscal Oversight Board (FOSB), which did not approve the NTPS.

“They gave us over 500 pages and we were doing the technical and legal analysis. The regulation has technical problems because when they made the notice that they were going to modify it they did not include that they were going to be looking at the private companies. What does that mean? A company like Econo and SuperMax that hires 100 truck drivers to move their products between their stores, that type of contract that is between two private companies, was not being regulated in the past,” said Antonio Medina, one of the members of the JSF.

Pierluisi acknowledged that there are some legal controversies that are being elucidated, both in local and federal judicial forums. However, he reiterated that while this is being clarified, the current rates and regulations will be maintained.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a truckers’ strike began in Puerto Rico, paralyzing land cargo on the island, with the purpose of demanding that the JSF adjust the tariff system by 35%.

The president of the Frente Amplio de Camioneros, Edwin Marrero, assured that the so-called “permanent assembly” will continue until the authorities are willing to work together to reach an agreement.

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