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Goya Foods CEO: ‘My Family Came to the USA to Prosper, We are the Land of Opportunities’

CEO de Goya Foods: Mi familia vino a USA a prosperar, somos la tierra de oportunidades

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Robert (Bob) Unanue, CEO of Hispanic company Goya Foods, recorded a video for the America First Policy Institute, celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Day. During his message he spoke about the work of Hispanic migrants in the United States and emphasized that America is a land of opportunity.

“Migrants have also come to this country to make a difference. The United States is the second country with most Latinos in the world,” said Unanue.

He also told the story of his family, saying that his grandfather migrated looking for new opportunities. He also emphasized that his family came to the United States with the intention of prospering and helping build the economic growth of the country.

“My grandfather came here years ago to make a difference to survive and prosper and that is why we are the land of opportunity,” he said.

Unanue explained that the purpose of the America First Institute is to bring to the forefront the fundamental values that have made America great.

Goya Foods

Goya Foods is one of the most important Hispanic companies in the United States. On its official website it defines itself as a company that seeks perfection and good quality in its food and products.

“The true essence of who we are is reflected in our unwavering dedication to supplying and offering authentic, top-quality products,” said a company statement released on the occasion of its 85th anniversary.


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