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The Great Hero of El American: Tate Myre

El American’s award goes to Tate Myre, who sacrificed his life trying save the lives of his classmates during the Oxford High School shooting

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El American would like our Great Hero award to honor Tate Myre, a young star of the Oxford High School (Michigan) soccer team, who gave his life trying to stop the shooting.

Tate Myre and three other teenagers perished in the fatal shooting at Oxford High School, but the death toll would undoubtedly have been higher had it not been for the heroic response of Tate who, according to witnesses, “was running” towards the perpetrator trying to neutralize him.

Tributes to the young Tate Myre have followed one after the other, including a minute’s silence before the Big Ten Championship game, in which Michigan defeated Iowa 42-3, and it so happens that 42 was the number worn by the young Tate on his team’s jersey.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh dedicated the win to the memory of Tate Myre: We wanted to honor Tate Myre in this game. For his courage and what he did in the shootings in Oxford. He’s a hero.”

Funeral with visitors to bid farewell to great hero Tate Myre

The funeral of 16-year-old Tate Myre took place last Tuesday the 7th at Kensington Church. Both on the eve and the day of the funeral, the church was open to visitors from the public who wished to attend to pay their respects and pay tribute to the young hero.

There have been many expressions of affection and admiration for Tate Myre among his colleagues, who agree that his sacrifice did not surprise them because he always showed himself to be a person of great courage and spirit of sacrifice for others.

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His coach, Zach Line, said of Tate in an emotional tweet that “Tate was and will always be a beaming light for Oxford. It’s hard to put into words what he meant to me, but he will hold a special place in my heart forever. God reaches down and touches certain people, he was one of those people. I love you FOUR TWO.”

We trust that The Great Hero of El American award will serve as a humble tribute to the late hero Tate Myre, as well as to all his family and loved ones.

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