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Haitian Police Intercepts President Jovenel Moise’s Alleged Assassins

Haiti’s president was shot dead early Wednesday morning during a raid by a commando of armed men at his residence.

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The alleged assassins of Haitian President Jovenel Moise were “intercepted” by the National Police on Wednesday, an official source announced.

“The alleged assassins of President Moise were intercepted by the Police in Pelerin shortly before 6:00 pm,” announced the Secretary of State for Communication, Frantz Exantus, on Twitter.

Exantus advanced that more details on the police operation carried out in Pelerin, the same sector of mansions where Moise’s residence is located, will be provided in the next few minutes.

Residents in the area reported that heavy gunfire was reported this afternoon in the Pelerin area.

President Moise was shot dead early on Wednesday morning during a commando raid by gunmen at his residence, an attack in which his wife Martine was also wounded.

The men, armed with rifles, allegedly spoke in English and Spanish, according to the version given by the Haitian authorities.

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Plans for a new constitution

The assassination of Jovenel Moise comes two months before the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for September 26, elections in which he could not be a candidate.

The president had called for the same date a referendum to approve a new Constitution, a project that did not have the support of the opposition or the international community.

Haiti has been going through a strong political crisis since mid-2018 and experienced its most serious moment last February 7, the date on which Moise denounced that the opposition, with the support of judges, were plotting a coup d’état.

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