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Heatwave Causes 34 Sudden Deaths in Two Days in Canada

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Canada is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave in the west of the country and is moving into parts of the northwestern United States. Because of the situation, at least 34 people have died suddenly in Vancouver. This was reported on Tuesday by the police.

“Call someone who lives next door. Whatever you have to do to confirm someone’s well being. Make that happen,” said Michael Kalanj of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Faced with the situation, authorities reported that they are making all efforts to address the emergency. In this sense, teams have been set up to verify the situation of citizens, specifically those living in the streets.

Heatwave also in the United States

Last Tuesday, the Lytton Climate Station in Canada reported 49.5 °C (121 °F) of temperature, the highest in history. This broke the record for the third consecutive day. The situation is similar in the United States, in Portland and Seattle, two large cities in the northwestern United States known for their normally cold and humid weather, the temperature reached its highest level since records have been kept (1940).

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