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Black Man Kills Asian Woman in NYC by Pushing Her Onto Subway Tracks

Indigente asesina una mujer en Nueva York empujándola a las vías del metro en Times Square

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A woman was killed Saturday after being pushed onto the subway tracks in the central Times Square station (NYC) by a homeless man, who has already been arrested, local media reported.

The attack took place around 9:30 a.m., and was apparently random. The victim was run over by an R train that was arriving at the platform at the time, police sources told the New York Daily News.

The perpetrator, 61 years old and homeless, fled to southern Manhattan on another train but later confessed what he had done to the Transit Police and is in custody, according to the newspaper.

Just a week ago, local and state authorities announced that they would strengthen police supervision on the subway and send specialist teams to address the large presence of homeless people in the cars and stations.

Subway ridership has fallen in recent months because of the pandemic but also because of the perception of increased danger in the subway system, where attacks occur frequently.

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