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Hungary Accuses Netflix of Violating Law for Lesbian Scene in Children’s Series

La caída abrupta de Netflix demuestra que el libre mercado es la mejor forma de combatir los monopolios

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Hungary’s media regulatory authority has ruled that digital platform Netflix has violated one of its laws by airing a lesbian scene with two girls kissing in the animated series “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.”

This conclusion has been reached by the board of the National Media and News Services Authority (NMHH) after analyzing a citizen’s complaint against an episode of the children’s series.

Passed last year, the so-called “defense of minors” law prohibits the presentation of homosexual acts in programs for children under 12.

“The investigation concluded that this (kissing) scene and the depiction of terror-inducing creatures chasing the characters could be detrimental to children’s personality development,” it said.

The NMHH, while acknowledging that it has no authority over Netflix because it is a company registered abroad (the Netherlands), said it would inform the Dutch authorities to analyze the complaint.

According to the Hungarian authority, the program could only have been broadcast with the warning that it is not suitable for children under 12, it adds.

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