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Hunter Biden Took Advantage of his Father’s Relationships to Invite China to Latin America


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The past few weeks have seen scandals for the Biden family, especially for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. His son Hunter’s black summer came to light like never before and has caused quite a media stir. This, despite the fact that few media outlets have echoed the New York Post revelations of Hunter Biden’s businesses in China and Ukraine, involving Mr. Biden himself.

Besides, members of the Democratic candidate’s family, specifically his niece Carolina and brother James, also face theft and fraud charges, respectively. 

But scandals do not stop around the presidential candidate. Now Joe Biden was linked and promoted in a commercial proposal prepared by Hunter Biden and his business partners to the energy company CEFC China Energy, a company that had close ties to the People’s Liberation Army and was, at the time, one of the ten most important private companies in the Asian country. All this according to the revelation of the documents obtained by the Daily Caller.

The document, those involved and what the “Biden consortium” was looking for 

According to the Daily Caller Hunter Biden’s partner group was trying to reach an investment agreement for $10,000,000 with CEFC China Energy. For this reason, they made a commercial proposal where they directly promoted the close and excellent relationship of the then American VP Joe Biden with the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. 

The document recalled, among other things, President Santos ‘visit to Washington in 2013; the Obama administration’s support for the peace agreement with FARC terrorists —including Biden’s accompaniment in the process— and also how the US government had focused its foreign policy on Latin America to “improve relations” with the region. All this promoted, of course, as a business opportunity for the Chinese energy company. 

The suggestion was related to the company CEFC China Energy making oil investments in Colombia. According to the report, which is in the hands of the Senate committee investigating Hunter Biden’s business, the “42-page investment scheme of the Biden consortium of May 15, 2017, presents Joe Biden shaking hands with the President of Colombia and proposes investments in a Colombian oil field and an oil pipeline from Venezuela. 

Hunter Biden, Colombia, Joe Biden, Santos
Screenshot of the report. Moment where the relationship between Joe Biden and resident Juan Manuel Santos is promoted to promote the investment of the Chinese company in Colombia

The document, which is an investment scheme, contains 42 pages with various themes and contents: a briefing for investing in Oman, including the investment environment and an explanation of transport and the tourism factor, and pages dedicated to Colombia, where the country is presented as “The gateway to Latin America,” with an explanation of the market opportunities and also planning Colombia’s welcoming of CEFC China Energy. Finally, several sections are dedicated to Luxembourg, Romania, and other lucrative topics. It is an investment scheme developed by Hunter Biden and his partners for the above-mentioned Chinese company. 

Hunter Biden
This was the plan to receive CEFC China Energy in Colombia. (Document screen map.

According to the Daily Caller article, Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, along with three other entrepreneurs, were involved in this consortium called SinoHawk. The primary objective was for the Chinese company to invest about $10,000,000, but then the goal increased exponentially to the point of securing multi-million-dollar investments within the United States and the rest of the planet. 

Document in SCRIBD where you can read the entire investment scheme that involves and relates Hunter Biden and his consortium with the company CEFC China Energy and promotes “the close relationship” between Joe Biden and Juan Manuel Santos to get the Chinese company invest.

The document is one of the many records of Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden partner who handed over to a Senate committee a series of records exposing potentially shady businesses of Joe Biden’s son. 

On October 27, Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson interviewed Bobulinski. At the interview, Hunter’s former partner assured that Joe Biden knew exactly what business his son was involved in while risking his “family legacy.” 

The businessman noted that Joe Biden’s claims about not knowing his son Hunter’s business are a “blatant lie.” Previously, at a press conference, the businessman had also stated that the Biden family took advantage of his last name and his political position to promote and finalize lucrative agreements abroad. 

Former Hunter Biden partner Tony Bobulinski talks to Tucker Carlson for Fox News.

According to Reuters, even though CEFC is presented as a private company, it had an unusual or unusual contract to store part of China’s strategic oil reserves. The energy company also received financing from a bank owned by the Xi Jinping regime and hired several former senior officials from state energy companies. In addition, the company also had more layers of Chinese Communist Party committees compared to other Chinese private companies, according to The Epoch Times

This is not the first time that Joe Biden’s family has been involved in businesses with Chinese companies. The documentary “Riding The Dragon” published in Blaze with over more than 1.5 million views, explains how Biden did business in China and how it could jeopardize US national security. 

Ridind The Dragon shows, for example, an agreement in which China invested more than a billion dollars in a investment fund partially owned by Hunter Biden, called Bohai Harvest RST, also known as BHR Partners This happened after a trip in 2013 of the Vice President Joe Biden to China.

If the complaint made by ex-Hunter Biden’s partner, Tony Bobulinski, regarding how the Biden family took advantage of their political position to benefit economically abroad with a company related to the Chinese Communist Party, a notorious conflict of interest would arise from the time Joe Biden was Vice President. This could potentially jeopardize the US national security. 

What is certain according to the latest information is that Hunter Biden and associates did negotiate on behalf of his father, and promoted him as a helping hand to help an energy company from China to penetrate the region. 

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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