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Does Hunter Biden Belong in Jail? The Evidence is Scathing

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden; Hunter Biden Belongs in Jail

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For much of the 2020 presidential cycle, we were told by the mainstream how Don Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner violated federal laws and used government access to line their pockets. Ironically, it was Hunter Biden and senile President Biden who seemingly used the WH and their power to enrich themselves.

Who is truly to blame, however? The leftist media for letting them get away with it? Pres. Obama for turning a blind eye? Or even Republicans for not forcefully pushing against the abuse of power by the two Democrats?

El American reported yesterday how Hunter sneaked his biz associate—not one, not twice, but a whopping 19 times—into the White House for secret meetings with then-Vice President Joe Biden. The embattled president, as we already know, saidand continues to say—that he never spoke with Hunter about his shady biz deals.

We all know that if Don Jr., Ivanka—you, your daughter, your mother, or your father—would do one-third of what Hunter and Pres. Biden did during the Obama years, they or you would be rotting in jail awaiting a trial or facing criminal charges.

Hear me out: the potential Hunter Biden crimes range from alleged tax evasion, potential foreign lobbying violations, money laundering, using his last name for influence (prompting Valerie Biden to defend him in a recent interview), cashing in $50,000 monthly checks at Burisma during what many, including President Trump, called a conflict of interest, and last but not least shady Chinese foreign businesses as reported by the New York Post.

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If these facts do not serve as evidence of crimes, I have no idea what would. The left should focus on the Biden privilege rather than the so-called white and Hispanic privilege.

In the meantime, Hunter enjoys the life of the privileged and luxurious in California, as you, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, pay for his Secret Service. 

If more evidence of potential crimes is released, it is inevitable for federal authorities to arrest Hunter Biden. Law enforcement must show the country that corruption is not acceptable. And while they are at it, they must investigate Joe Biden for his potential involvement in any of these alleged crimes.

This article originally appeared in El American’s newsletter on April 29, 2022. Subscribe for free here.