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The Mainstream Media Lied About Hunter Biden’s Laptop; We Demand an Apology

The media that for more than a year labeled the information from Hunter’s computer as false now “inform” that it is real

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More than a year after New York Post revealed emails and images from Hunter Biden’s laptop, The New York Times announces—as if they were the ones who own the truth—that the emails are real and are part of the evidence in a federal investigation.

The NYT also now says that the meeting between Joe Biden and an official of Burisma—a Ukrainian gas company of which Hunter was a board member—probably did occur. Ironically, the NYT had contradicted the New York Post‘s claim that Biden’s official schedules gave no evidence that such a meeting ever took place.

NYT, like most of the mainstream media, spent months casting doubt on the information and even suggesting that everything revealed by the New York Post was a Russian disinformation campaign. Twitter blocked the Post‘s account for allegedly spreading “hacked material.” Facebook decided to remove the story from its circulation algorithms. In general, media and social media platforms made a huge effort to take the story out of circulation and to cast doubt, at the very least, on those who had already read it.

Why more than a year later? Does anyone really believe that a media outlet like the New York Times is so helpless that it takes so long to corroborate a story on which the Post said exactly where it got the information and how it got it? It should be added that Hunter’s partner, Tony Bobulinski, confirmed since the Post‘s 2020 publication that the emails involving him were real.

It’s time for journalists to pause and think about how far this has gotten out of hand. There is nothing wrong with being a politician’s outside the press office, but let them say it openly and not pretend to be unbiased and even worse: to be the owners of the truth and blatantly deny information that hurts their favorite politician.

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It is also time for readers to be aware that this is not about parties, it is about the right to information, about access to the truth.

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