El idiota de la semana: The Lincoln Project

The Idiot of the Week: The Lincoln Project

The Idiot of the Week award goes to The Lincoln Project for its ridiculous maneuvers against the Republican Party during the campaign in Virginia.

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The Idiot of the Week award from El American goes to The Lincoln Project, for its dirty and ridiculous maneuvers against the Republican Party during the election campaign in Virginia.

The Lincoln Project is supposedly a group of Republicans dissatisfied with Trump who founded this organization to prevent both Trump and his endorsed candidates from being re-elected.

Although in reality, it seems more like a small group of self-conscious Republicans thirsty for approval from the Democrats. The Lincoln Project would be like the nerd who does classwork for the most popular cheerleader and becomes her best friend forever, while she sleeps with the quarterback of the high school team. Also, probably on their nights of passion, the quarterback and cheerleader tease and laugh at the nerd, who is forever trapped in the friendzone.

Since its founding, The Lincoln Project has been doing the dirty work of the Democrats within the Republican ranks, and they even ended up supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy without blushing. Although they want to sell themselves as moderate Republicans, in reality, they promote the most radical proposals of the Democratic left.

Surely this is the faith of the convert, that in which you not only change your opinion to the contrary, but you adhere to the most extreme currents to boast of your conversion.

For a group of moderate Republicans, The Lincoln Project has enthusiastically embraced the wokest tenets of the Democratic Party, particularly Critical Race Theory in the schools, thus scaring away parents concerned about indoctrination in the classroom.

Moreover, they have not only made the radical leftist ideology their own, but have also copied its very mores. Thus, last week they reached the height of their idiocy -for now- when in the last days of election campaigning in Virginia, those of The Lincoln Project were caught posing as white supremacists, followers of Republican Youngkin.

the lincoln project idiota semana

The ridicule was historic, especially because of the crassness of the staging. Several of them “disguised” themselves as white supremacists, but it was not a very successful disguise, but it was blatantly obvious that they had dressed up as they imagine a white supremacist.

In their heads the costume was spectacular, but in reality, it looked more like a crude caricature drawn from the fevered imagination of a paranoid democrat. The touch of tiki torches was great fun, but the icing on the cake was that one of the supposedly staunch racists was… black.

We don’t know if this is because of their disconnect with reality, or because the obsession with quotas and forced diversity and inclusion no longer allows them to even do a false flag operation right.

The Lincoln Project may be the GOP’s greatest asset

Their ridicule has been so appalling and their positions so radical, that one might as well say that The Lincoln Project has garnered more votes for the new Republican governor than his own campaign team. So much so that some say Youngkin should have congratulated them for their work.

Maybe we are treating The Lincoln Project as Republican idiots, when in reality they are masters of infiltration who have managed to deceive the Democratic Party to make them look bad. Maybe everything they have done was really a genius move disguised as incompetence, but perfectly planned.

Still wondering whether they are complete idiots or geniuses of infiltration, we’ve decided to bet on the former and let them take El American’s Idiot of the Week honors this week.

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  1. A small side note here but apparently Biden can’t read words. In a speech he made a few months ago regarding the transportation infrastructure bill that just got passed last Friday, he distorted his words when he said POTUS and it sounded like “Pootis”.
    insert spencer here

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