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CBP: Nearly 200 Illegal Immigrant ‘Stash Houses’ Uncovered in Texas

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Border immigration authorities this week discovered two more stash houses harboring dozens of undocumented migrants in Texas, bringing to 196 the number found so far this fiscal year in that region, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said Thursday.

This week’s two operations along with the Aug. 5 discovery of a similar stash house add to more than 193 such caches discovered so far in fiscal year 2022 that have resulted in the rescue or detention of more than 2,126 immigrants.

Last Monday, Border Patrol agents in Ysleta, Texas, found a stash house with 11 migrants, including five Guatemalans, four Mexicans and two Salvadorans.

In that operation, CBP found data on another stash house and on Tuesday they arrived at that trash-strewn property, where they found 25 adult migrants and two unaccompanied minors.

This group included migrants from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, all of whom received medical exams and were evaluated.

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According to CBP, some of them were returned to Mexico under Title 42 Expedited Removal of Migrants.

The rest of the migrants detained in these operations were transported to an office where they will be processed under Title 8 of the immigration law, which may lead to their deportation.