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Iranian President: “We’re happy to see Trump leave”

Iran Rohani

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Iranian President Hasan Rohani expressed on Wednesday how pleased he was to see current American President Donald Trump leave office.

“We are certainly very happy that Trump is leaving,” Rohani said during the weekly Cabinet meeting, according to the official website for the Presidency.

The U.S. Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden as president-elect on Monday, and Iran expects the new U.S. administration to return to its commitment to Iran on the nuclear deal.

Trump, the outgoing American president, withdrew his country from the Obama Administration’s nuclear deal in 2018, which among other things gave one of America’s greatest enemies a $1.7 billion cash payment as “compensation”, a move criticized by Republicans which funded Iran’s terrorist regime.

Rohani reiterated that, “if there is any pressure on Iran today, it is because of the arrogance that unfortunately still remains” of the Trump government for some weeks.

“If they (Biden’s U.S.) want the right path, it is open; and if they want the wrong path, it is also open,” said Rohani expressing his hope that the new president’s government will be clear about what its people have voted for.

“The American nation voted for the rule of law and commitment to covenants, not for anarchy and breach of treaties. Our demand is for stability, security, peace around the world and constructive interaction with all countries. Americans can choose the path of interaction,” Rohani said, as Iran celebrates that its greatest enemy will leave the White House and return an administration more aligned with Iran’s interests.

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