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Jack Posobiec and His Fight Against Antifa’s Lies and Violence

Jack Posobiec y su lucha contra las mentiras de Antifa y el progresismo

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Jack Posobiec is an activist and former naval intelligence officer who has come under attack from progressives. In 2020, in Washington D.C., a group of Antifa, along with another group from Black Lives Matter, assaulted him for simply trying to explain to them the importance of Abraham Lincoln in the history of the United States.

Posobiec spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, about what happened and how he has continued to confront progressives and dismantle Antifa’s lies.

Posobiec’s attempt was because these groups wanted to tear down the original statue of Lincoln, which is located in the capital, without understanding that it was founded by the people who were slaves and were freed.

He explained that descendants of the statue’s founders came to Washington D. C. to demand that the statue be kept and that impressed him. “They founded that statue and their descendants actually showed up at the event just to support the statues staying up,” Posobiec said.

Jack Posobiec and his book about Antifa

Posobiec told us how he was assaulted and how he was helped to prevent it from escalating. “At that point they attacked me, tried to knock me down and tried to push me down the steps. Ron Golden, who is actually the director of D. C. history tours and who had been one of the people who spoke in favor of the statue, got involved and came between us.”

In closing, he told us about the recent release of his book The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc. In it, he dismantles Antifa’s lies, shows what its true intentions are, and recounts the struggle inside the White House to take the organization seriously as a domestic terrorist threat.

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