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Jason Poblete: Biden Is No Moderate, He’s a Leftist President

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Jason Poblete is an attorney and president of the Global Liberty Alliance. He worked at the Republican National Committee (RNC) for several years beginning in 1993, a year before the Republican Party took control of Congress for the first time in 40 years. We talked with him about the key issues driving the political agenda in Washington.

Poblete says it is clear that Biden has chosen the path of the left, “the strong left.” He says that whoever believes that Biden is a moderate is wrong because Biden governs as a leftist president. He argues that Biden was a moderate as a U.S. Senator. Poblete believes we should judge Biden by his actions as president, not as a Senator.

The Republican attorney warns that the Democrats are abusing the power of the rule of law and that it is clear that the progressives control the Democratic Party.

Poblete believes that our immigration system needs to be fixed to solve the current border crisis. This new system, he argues, should respect law and order and protect immigrants. Our guest points out the erroneous behavior of the government that, in a few weeks, has fomented an immigration crisis. For the lawyer, Biden is using people as a political tool.

He also recalls that, although it is not recognized, Trump did a strong job trying to control the border so that there would be security and that legal immigrants could enter. Another fundamental point pointed out by Poblete is that Trump was very clear that the arrival of migrants should not be encouraged, the opposite of what Biden has been doing since he assumed the presidency.

In this interview, we also talked about Biden’s stimulus plan, about cancel culture, the future of the Republican Party and the situation in New York with the mismanagement of Covid.

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