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In Fiery Speech, Rep. Jeff Van Drew Defends Founding Principles, Condemns Communism

Congresista Jeff Van Drew: Estados Unidos está "al borde del precipicio" comunista

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Rep. Jefferson Van Drew (R-NJ) said America is “on the edge” of communism at a press conference with other representatives in support of a bill known as the Crucial Communism Teaching Act.

Van Drew referred directly to efforts by politicians and organizations to promote communist ideologies, contrary to American values, and said the country is headed for “a precipice” if youth are not taught the importance of freedom.

“I’m almost shocked that we have to have it, yet it is necessary,” the congressman said. “To think only a short number of years ago we would almost laugh at the idea that we have to have a press conference to explain to our young people that communism isn’t good, that communism will destroy our country. But that is where we are at.”

The U.S. representative said the American communist movement started with “subtleties” like bad-mouthing the Founding Fathers or disparaging historical heroes, but such actions are “no subtle anymore” and have become “pretty obvious.”

“We have people in Congress who really don’t believe in the American way, don’t believe in American freedom, don’t believe in American independence. It’s not even that subtle anymore”; “We know that in our universities, if you have a very pro-American stance or a conservative viewpoint, you probably won’t get a chance to speak,” Van Drew explained.

Van Drew’s message to parents

Republicans believe Americans face a choice: embrace the ideas of freedom that make America what it is, or take a drastic turn toward communism. “Let’s really tell it how it is: this country is at the precipice, we are on the edge, and this is a big piece of it,” he added.

Before concluding his remarks, Van Drew addressed a message to parents of America’s youth who fear their children are being indoctrinated in schools.

“When your children or your grandchildren come home, look at what they’re learning, and if they’re not learning about freedom, if they’re not learning about what happened in Cuba, China and North Korea, then you better make sure that you teach them. It is now our responsibility” the congressman said.

The CCT bill was introduced Thursday before Congress by Cuban-American Representative Maria Elvira Salazar, and seeks to make the teaching of the horrors of communism mandatory in U.S. public schools.

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