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Press Secretary Jen Psaki Dismisses Border Crisis, Says It’s Not a Priority

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki


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The White House says it’s not prioritizing answering questions about the border crisis, according to Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary. The Biden White House admitted that it does not respond to reporters’ questions related to the southern border because it assumes that for most Americans this is not such a relevant issue. However, the numbers of migrants in the border states reveal the level of the crisis.

During an interview on the latest episode of The Axe Files podcast, Psaki stated that the administration has tried to answer only questions that “really matter to the public,” suggesting that for the public and for Biden, the immigration crisis is not a priority.

Jen Psaki: “we will never satisfy the press”

Jen Psaki said, in relation to the obligation to answer all questions, that the press team knows that it will never “satisfy the White House Press Corps and their desires for access.”

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“What we’ve tried to do, in general, is really think about what the public cares about […] the public cares about the pandemic, the economy; you know, we’re often asked, “Why doesn’t (Biden) go to the border?” An important issue, we’re focused on that. What percentage of the public is focused on the border? A much smaller percentage than is focused on the pandemic and the economy. So, that can be maddening, but that’s what we’re trying to do,” she added.

jen psaki - border crisis - el american
Jen Psaki: “What we’ve tried to do in general is really think about what matters to the public.” (EFE)

The border crisis matters

Despite the press secretary’s assurances that most Americans do not care about what happens at the border, recent polls affirm that the majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s immigration policies. According to NBC, 67% of the population assures that the president has not known how to deal with border security and immigration.

In addition, a Rasmussen Reports study reveals that public sentiment is shifting away from Biden and the Democratic Party on immigration.

According to Steven Camarota, research director of the Center for Immigration Studies, “a much larger proportion of the public now thinks we should do more to stop illegal immigration.”

Although for Psaki and his team the majority of the population is not “focused” on the border, this Thursday, May 6, in April alone more than 42,000 migrants entered the U.S. undetected.

In fact, at least five Texas counties declared a “local disaster” due to the border crisis and Governor Greg Abbott was forced to launch Operation Lone Star with the deployment of troops and National Guardsmen to “secure the border” against human and drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, although the administration claims that the border crisis is not an issue of relevance to Americans, Vice President Kamala Harris was assigned by the president as “border czar” to take charge of the situation.

It has been 44 days since Harris assumed that responsibility and she has yet to hold a press conference to report on her actions to mitigate the border crisis or travel to the border to learn firsthand what is happening there.