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Jen Psaki Heartbroken Over ‘Cruel’ Laws Preventing Sexualization of Children

Jenn Psaki

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki broke down in tears while discussing the Parental Rights in Education law, passed in the state of Florida aimed at preventing the instruction of sexual content and gender ideology in classrooms up to third grade.

Psaki became “sensitive” while answering a question about the law on Jessica Yellin’s podcast, News Not Noise, where she said that banning the teaching of sex and gender to third-grade infants strikes her as “cruel” and “horrible.”

“This is a political wedge issue and an attempt to win a culture war,” Psaki said, and he believes Republicans are addressing sexualization in schools in a “harsh and cruel” way against children.

Psaki’s “troubling” reaction

Biden’s spokeswoman believes that laws like Florida’s persecute parents, directly affecting children who are bullied, and that leaders “are taking steps to hurt them and their families.”

“This is an issue that drives me absolutely crazy,” Psaki continued, “but it’s a political issue and it’s not a reflection of where the country is.”

In response to a request from Fox News, the Florida governor’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, said Psaki’s reaction to the law guaranteeing parents’ rights over their children’s education is “troubling.”

“It’s troubling that a Biden administration official is crying foul because of a law that protects parental rights,” Pushaw told Fox News. “Why is it so important to her that teachers instruct children in grades k-3 about transgenderism and sexuality?”

The law has been criticized and distorted by liberal media, who claim that the legislation bans gay speech, hurts teenagers and threatens the mental health of people in the LGBT community.

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