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Sen. John Fetterman hospitalized shortly after attending SOTU address

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According to his office, Sen. John Fetterman was taken to the hospital on Wednesday night after feeling dizzy at the conclusion of a Senate Democratic retreat.

The symptoms do not seem to be related to Fetterman’s prior stroke in May 2022, which occurred just days before he won Pennsylvania’s Senate Democratic primary.

According to Associated Press, it was said by his communications director, Joe Calvello, that Senator Fetterman was “in good spirits and talking with his staff and family,” and that he would spend the night in the hospital, where he would stay until medical professionals conducted more tests.

Days before Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary, in May, Fetterman had a stroke. Despite this, he easily won the important Senate seat election that gave the Democratic party the possibility to hold majority, which eventually happened after Georgia’s runoff election.

In his fight against the Republican supported by Donald Trump, Dr. Mehmet Oz, the stroke kept him off the campaign road for months. It was eventually discovered that his cardiac problem was what had caused the stroke.

The Republican spent decades residing in New Jersey before to his Keystone State Senate candidacy, so the Democrat’s campaign used various tactics of trolling Oz to help the party win the election. Oz on the other hand, was never a seriously strong candidate.

Fetterman still struggles with speaking and has issues understanding inquiries unless they are written down or typed out due to the aftereffects of his stroke in 2022.

To help Fetterman with his difficulties with auditory processing, Senate staffers recently erected a closed caption display in the chamber.

The Senate has strong regulations prohibiting members from using some electronic devices, including telephones, on the chamber’s floor, but the new assistive equipment was installed regardless of those laws.