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John Gibbs in Michigan Beats Rep. Peter Meijer Who Had Voted to Impeach Trump

John Gibbs en Michigan vence al representante Peter Meijer que había votado por destituir a Trump

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John Gibbs won the Republican election in Michigan. With the win, Gibbs defeated Representative Peter Meijer in the U.S. House of Representatives primary election held Tuesday night in Michigan.

According to polling projections released by Decision Desk HQ, with 84% of the vote, Gibbs led by more than 5,000 votes. “Gibbs was endorsed by Trump in November and vowed to challenge Meijer, who voted for Trump’s impeachment following the January 6 Capitol riot. The heated race was viewed by many as a referendum on Trump’s influence over Michigan politics”, the Daily Wire reported.


John Gibbs and Trump’s support

The media outlet detailed that Democrats also invested in a campaign claiming Gibbs was the true conservative in the race. “The race also drew the interest and money of Democrats in the state, seeking to set up a more favorable matchup for their candidate Hillary Scholten. Democrats dished out nearly $500,000 for an ad before the primary painting Gibbs as the true conservative in the race”.

Gibbs was an official in Donald Trump’s administration under Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. “Gibbs’ nomination ended a successful night for Trump-backed candidates in Michigan. The former president also endorsed political commentator Tudor Dixon for governor, who easily won the nomination over four other GOP candidates”, the Daily Wire explained.

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