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Jordan Peterson Believes Gay People Will Split from the Progressive Agenda

Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson discussed the latest information about progressives and the advancement of their agenda. Peterson told how lawsuits from people who had sex change surgeries are on the rise.

Specifically, they referred to the case of Chloe Cole. She is an 18-year-old teenager, who expressed regret about undergoing gender reassignment. The young woman claimed that she was forced to take puberty blockers. She also said that both of her breasts were surgically removed when she was 15 years old and highlighted that other minors went through the same process.

“No 15-year-old girl should have to go through that,” Chloe said in a statement picked up by Daily Signal, in which she recounted how she dealt with depression when she realized she didn’t want to be a boy.

“As Chloe realized she missed little things about being a girl, her mental health continued to decline. When nobody was home, she remembers trying on girls’ clothes and applying makeup,” Daily Signal said.

Jordan Peterson’s opinion

On the subject, Jordan Peterson said that the solution to put an end to this type of situation so that more children do not go through what Chloe went through is for all people with similar stories to denounce those who allowed the process to take place.  

“We haven’t woken up to the fact that all hell is going to break loose on this front with people like Chloe Cole launching lawsuits. That’s the only thing that’s ever going to stop this,” Peterson said.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, who is a clinical psychologist and author of several books, said that the gay community will most likely realize what is happening and disagree. Therefore, he believes that the community will move away from the progressive agenda.

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“The gay community is going to wake up to this, sooner or later. Most of the kids being sterilized and mutilated are gay. 80% of them. So I don’t see how the LGBT alliance is going to hold up under that sort of reality,” he said.

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