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Jordan Peterson Compared to Red Skull in Captain America Comic

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In the latest issue of Marvel comics, Professor Jordan Peterson is compared to Red Skull, the Nazi villain and archenemy of Captain America.

The Disney-owned Marvel Company thus advances its political agenda, openly embracing the Marxist ideology of the so-called woke culture.

After presenting the new Captain America as a gay teenager who fights for “the rights of oppressed and forgotten LGBTQ+ people”, and after the introduction of the first two non-binary transgender Jedi knights into the Star Wars universe, it is now the turn of Jordan Peterson, an intellectual considered a traditionalist and classic liberal, to be compared to the Nazi supervillain Red Skull.

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic and university professor who has emerged as a defender of free speech and scourge of political correctness, becoming a figure of reference for many anti-left-leaning people.

Both his first book –Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief-, and his YouTube channel -where he published his classes and long videos analyzing cultural works-, gave him some fame and he was creating a base of followers interested in his theories of how people build their ideas and beliefs.

But it was in 2016 when he rose to worldwide fame after a series of videos and media interviews criticizing political correctness and, in particular, the Canadian government’s Bill C-16.

This law, which amended the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, introduced protection for “gender identity” and “gender expression” discrimination, establishing them as aggravating factors in hate crimes and incitement to genocide.

Thus, if a transgender person was not called by the pronoun of their choice, they could sue their interlocutor using this law.

Jordan Peterson warned that this law violated freedom of speech and would be used as a political tool to silence and punish any criticism of leftist policies.

jordan peterson es comparado con red skull
Jordan Peterson. (Flickr)

His warnings seem to have been accurate if, for example, we look at the case of a Canadian father arrested for speaking publicly about his opposition to his 11-year-old daughter undergoing hormone treatment to become a transgender boy.

After this 2016 leap to stardom, Jordan Peterson has published two books that have become international bestsellers, 12 Rules for Life and Beyond Order, in which he vindicates masculinity and meritocracy, in opposition to identity politics such as feminism, gender ideology, and critical race theory, which he considers as mere political tools of the left, and which are corrupted by postmodernism and neo-Marxism.

Why is Jordan Peterson compared to Red Skull?

His accurate arguments and the growing popularity of his ideas -especially among young people-, have caused the wrath of the left, which has made Jordan Peterson its favorite archenemy, making him the target of its fiercest attacks.

Thanks to his arguments and reflections, Jordan Peterson has made many people see feminism, critical race theory, and gender ideology as ideological indoctrination tools of the left, which seems to be immersed in a campaign to demolish traditional Western values.

The publication of this cartoon has not been the only attack on the Canadian intellectual -nor will it be the last-, but it is certainly very striking for how crude and exaggerated it is to see Jordan Peterson compared to the Red Skull, an evil Nazi with superpowers and a deformed red skull.

In the comic, created by Ta-Nehisi Coates, the villain Red Skull is depicted as a neo-Nazi leader who, through the book “10 Rules for Life” and his long videos on social media, is generating a sectarian cult of young followers whom he recruits as an army of the evil organization Hydra.

Jordan Peterson comparado con Red Skull
Screen capture of one of Jordan Peterson’s reaction. Source: Twitter

Ta Nehisi-Coates is an African-American writer and journalist who rose to prominence as a correspondent for The Atlantic, where he wrote about cultural, social and political problems, focusing on issues of racism and white supremacism.

Peterson has been surprised and shocked by the comparison made by writer Ta Nehisi-Coates, and despite how offensive it is intended to be, Jordan Peterson has decided to lead by his own example and take it with humor.

In a recent interview, Jordan Peterson has stated that he has created a line of merchandising products inspired by the satirical memes his fans have generated about it, and will donate the proceeds to charity.

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