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Jordan Peterson: Dying Rather Than Giving Up Your Values

Jordan Peterson: morir antes que renunciar a sus valores, El American

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“Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician”, that was the phrase for which renowned clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson was suspended on Twitter. After several days of having lost control of his Twitter account, Peterson has published a video in which he explains why he would rather die than delete the tweet in question —Twitter asks him to delete it as a condition for giving him back his account.

About the first part of his tweet, Peterson explains that is just a fact, pride is not a virtue and for many years in fact has been considered a sin, which is the claim of his tweet. He adds that he does not believe that any sexual orientation or desire of any kind should be a cause for pride or celebration, moreover for a month, because what we see now is “pride month”.

Peterson claims that he cannot ignore that Ellen/Elliott is a role model, and that when she talks about the “moral virtue” of her new identity, she seduces confused teenagers into believing they were born in the wrong body and thinking about hormone treatments, sterilization, and subjugating themselves to extended medical treatments. He is forthright in saying that Ellen has moral culpability in inciting young people to embark on such a path.

The opinions of the famous psychologist, who has been a professor at Harvard University and the University of Toronto, may be upsetting to some, but they are fundamental to open the debate on a very serious subject. Speeches like Ellen Page’s have profound repercussions on children and adolescents who see how their role models make (even promote) radical decisions such as having mastectomies. Twitter’s censorship of Peterson is just another example of the ideological agenda promoted by Big Tech. While the opinion of one side — the progressive one — is applauded and promoted as a reason for “pride”, the opinion of the other side is censored.

Now, beyond the specific issue of gender change and surgeries, among the great reflections that Peterson leaves us with after this issue with his twitter account is not to give up on values. Twitter asks him to delete his publication and thereby acknowledge having violated the rules, Peterson does not agree but also believes that his message can save lives of children and young people so his response to the social network is: I’d rather die than do it (delete the tweet).

You should do what you know is right, no matter what.

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