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Joseph Ladapo’s Courage and the Hypocrisy of the Scientific Community

La valentía de Joseph Ladapo y la hipocresía de la comunidad científica

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“If it had been known two years ago or so that this vaccine would increase cardiac deaths in young men by 84%, would they have approved it? The obvious answer is no” – Joseph A. Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General

Highly respected Dr. Ladapo is the new target of the scientific community and the progressive media. Why? He is leading and promoting a needed discussion that we should all be concerned about: the safety of COVID-19 vaccines using mRNA technology.

A bit of context: the Florida Department of Health, led by Ladapo, conducted a study where they “found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

In that sense, Ladapo and Floridian authorities recommended that men in this age group not be vaccinated with this type of drug because the risks outweigh the benefits in the face of coronavirus deceleration and natural immunity achieved. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I am not a scientist and am not interested in passing a verdict on who is right here, but it is striking how the media and the scientific community are acting, since they are questioning the study of the Florida Department of Health with fragile and stubbornly repeated arguments such as: “Vaccines are safe,” “vaccines prevent death and hospitalizations due to COVID-19” or the cases of myocarditis or negative effects on heart health are “exceptions.”

In fact, if one reads carefully, the guidance published by Ladapo and the department do not challenge these claims, they simply raise a troubling finding: young men are having complications with mRNA vaccines. This is what their data show and it is a legitimate complaint that should not generate controversy.

Yet now they accuse Ladapo of politicizing the pandemic. Yes, the same people who pushed for COVID passports, draconian closures and who wanted to mask everyone indefinitely under profoundly anti-science arguments.

The case is deplorable. And it highlights two things: I. Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo is a brave man; II. the media and the scientific community are grossly hypocritical.

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