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Juan Andrés Caro: The Colombian Who Became an Adviser in Trump’s White House

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El American had the privilege to interview the talented Juan Andrés Caro, a young Colombian-American who made it to America’s most famous home: The White House. The Cali native, who fled his country after being kidnapped when he was still a child, ended up becoming a White House advisor on Energy Recovery.

His story is an inspiration for millions of young Latinos in the United States who believe in freedom and conservative principles. Caro spoke with Vanessa Vallejo, editor in chief of El American, about his story and how he managed to land in the White House.

Interview to Juan Andrés Caro

“When I started working on President Donald Trump’s campaign in Colorado, I had this bigger vision of me wanting to go to Washington, D.C. I graduated and immediately, without a job, I moved to the capital to look for a way to get on the president’s team,” Caro said.

After several months of trying to find a job inside the Trump administration, he succeeded. Caro served as White House Advisor for Puerto Rico Energy Recovery and Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Speaking about this role in the Trump White House and its achievements for the U.S., Caro explained that former President Trump had great successes despite the attack by the media and the Democratic Party.

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For this reason, he said he is proud to have been part of the Republican administration. In addition, he is sure that if Trump decides to run for 2024, he will gladly apply again to be part of his team.

“We were able to get a lot done despite the challenges. We achieved the lowest unemployment in the United States and even the lowest unemployment for Latinos. We saw a very powerful economy and we made that happen in only three and a half years. It was an honor for me to work for President Trump,” he said.

Juan Andres Caro is an example of those Latinos who come to the USA and achieve a brilliant career, contributing to this country with their hard work and intelligence. Juan’s story shows that Latinos, contrary to Democrat talking points, are victims who come to the U.S. seeking government-funded subsidies, they are a hardworking community that drives much of the economy of this country.

Juan Andrés Caro and his work in the Republican Party

When we asked him about the politically motivated narrative that the Republican Party is racist and that Democrats are the ones who help Latino immigrants, he assured us that identity politics is the sole focus of the Democratic Party. While Republicans are focused on individuals’ achievements and talents, regardless of their race and gender.

“This idea that the Republican Party is racist is a lie. It’s an attack by the Democrats. In my experience, there is nothing racist about it. I’m a living example of that, I was given some very good positions and important responsibilities. But it was never because of my race or my skin color. At the end of the day, it was because of my job.”

He also recalled that during the administration, the economic figures for Latinos reached record levels, unemployment rates fell, the number of home and property purchases went up. “The Trump administration worked for the whole country,” said Caro.

Juan Andres took a moment to send a message to Latinos who believe in Democratic policies. He argued that they sound very good emotionally, but they do not have the results they promise but have dangerous consequences.

He also warned against supporting Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York or Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, because their vision is to impose similar Marxiat systems to those in countries like Venezuela, where people flee to the USA in search of freedom.

“Democratic policies do not help us. They are light socialism and we have lived that in our South American countries. We have to be careful. I guarantee you that Republican policies are the ones that help the country as a whole”.