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Colombian Singer Juanes: ‘Cubans Are Fighting for Freedom, Communism is Shit’

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“Cubans fight for freedom, Communism is shit,” said Thursday the Colombian singer Juanes to support Cubans in the protests that are registered on the island.

“Cubans in exile have been saying it for years, now Cubans on the island are saying it without fear: FREEDOM,” he wrote on Twitter.

Similarly, the singer asked his compatriots to be alert to communism and stressed that what is happening in Cuba is a strong message for everyone. In addition, he also extended the message to all nationalities.

Pitbull agrees with Juanes

Several artists have already expressed their support to Cubans in their cry for freedom. For example, this Wednesday, the singer Pitbull said that all those who have Latin roots should support the cry for freedom that is taking place on the island. Likewise, he said that it is time to support and for the demonstrators to keep their spirits up.

Pitbull’s statements were published in a video shared on his social media. In the video he said that the protests are for freedom and respect for the human rights of all Cubans.

Since Sunday, protests have been registered in Cuba demanding freedom. Several social media users reported yesterday massive demonstrations, which have been supported by members of the Republican Party and some members of the Democratic Party.

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