#FreeBritney no funcionó: juez falla en contra de la artista, su padre seguirá controlando su fortuna

#FreeBritney: Judge Rules Against Britney Spears in Conservatorship Battle

The singer slammed the conservatorship for allegedly wasting her money in paying people’s salaries

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A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has denied a petition to remove Britney Spears’ father as guardian of the singer’s estate.

The court decision came just a week after the hearing of the petition filed by Spears, whose fortune is estimated at about $60 million.

The ruling ruled that the pop star’s estate should continue to be controlled and preserved in part by her father Jamie Spears.

The singer of “Baby, one more time” requested last week to end the legal guardianship by which her father controls her life for 13 years, considering it “abusive” and “absurd.”

“This conservatorship is paying the salary of many people. I’m fed up,” said the singer in court in Los Angeles during a telephone intervention full of statements such as: “I’m not happy,” “I can’t sleep” and “I felt drugged.”

This is the first time Spears has publicly opposed her father’s control over public and private aspects of her life in a court decision dating back to 2008, after a period of erratic behavior.

For his part, James Spears in recent hours asked the Los Angeles court to investigate the allegations made by the artist in his statement last week.

The pop star’s guardian handed over documents Tuesday night in which he claims he has had no power over Britney in recent years and requested an investigation into her “serious allegations of forced labor, forced medical therapy, inadequate medical care and deprivation of personal rights,” many of which were made against him.

The open conflict between the singer and her father has generated a movement in social networks in support of one of the most popular artists of the end of the last century.

Thus, the slogan “#FreeBritney” has gained momentum this year after the release of the documentary “Framing Britney”, a film produced by The New York Times that reviews the most controversial aspects of the artist’s career.

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