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Rep. Byron Donalds: Left Weaponizes Race to Push Radical Agenda

Byron Donalds

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Republican firebrand Rep. Byron Donald’s is one of the various freshmen already making big moves in Congress and the conservative movement.

The 42-year-old, who is one of the two current African-American GOP House Representatives, was among a group of young, energetic politicians who helped consolidate the state of Florida into a Republican stronghold.

Having been born and raised by a single mother in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, Donalds became involved in politics during the Tea Party movement after a successful career in finance, insurance, and banking.

In a conversation with El American’s Anna Paulina Luna, Donalds explained how the left uses issues such as race and identity politics to push their agenda as they have no arguments to support their policies.

He also discussed the recent elections in Georgia and explained that they have received reports of irregularities in the electoral process. It is interesting to note that in states with large number of illegal migrants, the left is eager to distribute official voter identification. Meanwhile, those are the same people vehemently opposing the supposedly “racist” voter ID laws recently passed in Georgia.

“What we find from the left, the woke left in particular, is that they have to weaponize race and use the arguments of race and identity because they can’t make the arguments for their policies,” said Donalds.

Likewise, he maintained that the Republican Party’s calls for standards in the electoral system, specifically during the Georgia elections, are for the benefit of all Americans. He further stressed that rules are necessary for all parties to be satisfied with a transparent outcome.

“What the Democrats are trying to do, what they’re saying, led by Stacy Abrams and other people, is that unless you give them everything they want, which is no rules on how the ballots are outsourced, no rules on how ballots are picked up […] if you don’t go along with them, somehow you’re a racist you are a racist, you are a white supremacist,” Donalds pointed out.

Congressman Donald’s is definitely breaking the Republican mold and has been seen all over Florida engaging not only voters but helping nationally to boost GOP Minority engagement. We will continue to follow Congressman Donalds as he is someone to watch in the future of Florida politics.

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