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Leftists Demand Twitter Censors Eduardo Verástegui for Supporting Trump

Eduardo Verástegui

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Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui has refused to back down over his support for Donald Trump, leading leftists to demand he also be removed from the platform like the sitting president.

“They cannot, and will not, take on the defender of the unborn and religious freedom. President Trump has not participated in a single war in four years,” the actor wrote on social media Monday .”He will continue to fight for the defense of life and religious freedom. The lie will sooner or later come out.”

After the suspension of Trump’s account, the producer changed his profile image to Trump’s former Twitter photo. “To the haters, Twitter would also have to cancel their accounts,” he wrote. “All day long they are inciting violence with their hate. Twitter will go bankrupt; we’d better keep it that way, exercising our freedom of expression. Haters, stop hating so much, hate is going to hurt you.”

The 46-year-old Mexican added that if Twitter followed “its rules” it would also have to cancel the accounts of those who support the legalization of abortion because, in his words, “they incite the cruel violence of the murder of a baby in its mother’s womb.”

A few months ago, Verástegui was appointed as a consultant to Trump for an initiative by the Hispanic community and advocated the need to increase the influence of Latinos in decision-making in the United States.

Another Mexican actress, Patricia Navidad, has had her account suspended for publishing her views on the coronavirus and showing her unconditional support for Trump. Her account is still open, but there are already several petitions from leftist groups and activists asking for his censorship.

Twitter has closed numerous conservative accounts after suspending the president’s account. Several Republican senators, journalists, and activists have criticized the company’s removal of thousands of conservative supporters, with many of them now moving over to alternative platforms such as Gab and Parler.

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