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López Obrador Sends Letter to Biden as “President-elect of the United States”

Lopez Obrador

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Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced Tuesday that he finally recognized Joe Biden’s victory in last month’s U.S. elections, after the country’s Electoral College ratified the Democrat as president-elect.

At a press conference at the National Palace, the Mexican president revealed that last night, “once the session of the U.S. Electoral College ended and there was a resolution that was taken in favor of Mr. Biden,” he sent a letter to the Democrat as “President-elect of the United States of America.”

López Obrador, who has maintained a good relationship with Donald Trump, was until now one of the few leaders who had not yet congratulated Biden while asking that the accusations of electoral fraud made by the outgoing president be cleared up.

At the press conference, the president read the letter sent to Biden on Monday night after he obtained more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to ratify him as the next president of the United States.

In the letter, he welcomes Biden’s stance on immigration and hopes that “soon” they will be able to talk about this and other issues.

“Dear Mr. Biden, I am writing this text to congratulate you on the victory provided by the people and endorsed by the electoral authorities of the United States of America,” López Obrador began.

The Mexican reminded Biden that they met nine years ago, when he was Vice President of the United States, and they discussed “the purpose of banishing political corruption” that, said Lopez Obrador, Mexico suffers.

“Our countries are linked by proximity and our peoples are united by history, economics and culture. For this reason, we, as rulers, must strive to maintain good bilateral relations, based on collaboration, friendship and respect for our sovereignties,” he continued.

Likewise, he said he is “certain” that with Biden’s presidency, Mexico “will be able to continue applying the principles” of non-intervention and self-determination of the peoples, enshrined in the Mexican Constitution.

“I also express my recognition of his stance in favor of migrants from Mexico and the world, which will allow us to continue with the plan to promote the development and well-being of the communities of southeast Mexico and the countries of Central America,” he stressed.

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