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Watch Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Incendiary Speech Against Clarence Thomas at a Pride Event

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot publicly insulted Justice Clarence Thomas over the Supreme Court’s decision regarding abortion. “F*** Clarence Thomas,” Lightfoot said during a Pride event in the city over the weekend.

“He thinks that we are going to stand idly by while they take our rights – our right to marry – our right to have children – our right to live,” she continued. Later, Lightfoot justified her attack on Twitter stating, “I said what I said,” with a photo of the event.

Lightfoot is not alone in verbal abuse

The situation is generated at a time when the Supreme Court justices are under attack by the radical left due to last week’s ruling on abortion. The court decided to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade, an action that leads at least 20 states across the country to ban or restrict access to abortion.

An article in El American explains that “criminal liability for a woman seeking an abortion will depend on the abortion policies her state implements following the Supreme Court’s decision. There is nothing yet to prevent legislators from passing laws requiring prosecution of women who sought abortions.”

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