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Former Miss Universe Lupita Jones Won’t Accept Transgender People in Mexican Pageant Despite Miss Universe Changes

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Lupita Jones, director of Mexicana Universal, said last week that she maintains her position regarding the acceptance of transgender women in the contest. “It’s an issue that we’ve already talked about a lot and we’re still in the same position,” Jones explained when asked about the subject.

A few years ago, during a conversation with Gustavo Adolfo, Jones explained that there are contests for trans people and that is why he believes that the Mexicana Universal should be kept only for biological women.

“Yes, they manage to generate, through these surgeries, a body very similar to that of a woman, but it is a transgender woman. There are spaces for everyone, you are not discriminating, everyone has their space and has their place, they have every right to be recognized for their attitudes, qualities, values, everything, but the conditions are different,” said Lupita Jones.

Miss Universe policies

She was asked again about the subject due to the recent changes made by the Miss Universe organization, which announced months ago that married women or women with children will be able to participate. Jones stressed that they will follow the policy and is in talks with several mothers to participate in the pageant.

“I am very pleased that there is an evolution in such a way that the circumstances or life decisions that a woman has made do not limit her to achieve her goals. Those who want to live this experience and can do it, if they meet the requirements, then go ahead,” she said.

“Following the guidelines of Miss Universe we are accepting young women who are married, who have children, situations that were not allowed before,” she added.


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