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Maduro Claims CIA Agent Visited Him in Venezuela

Maduro alega que fue visitado por un agente de la CIA en Caracas

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Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro, claimed this past Thursday that he has recently met “with someone” from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), although he did not reveal with whom or for what purpose.

“These days someone from the CIA came to see me (…) I am not going to tell what I talked to him,” Maduro commented during the International Tourism Fair of Venezuela (Fitven).

The Twitter account of Conflict News Worldwide CNW (Conflict News Worldwide) published on December 7 that flight N173PA (Ebola Jet) of the Phoenix Air airline, coming from Puerto Rico, was “about to land in Caracas”.

According to this Twitter account, this airline “is linked to the CIA and other agencies of the US Government.”

That plane had already been in Caracas in 2019 to support the team of the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela during its evacuation, assured the account in the social network.

Without providing further details, Maduro affirmed that “they (the Americans) were the ones who put out the news.”

“It was a secret meeting, but they brought out the plane, the news and then declared,” he emphasized.

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