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Maduro’s Foreign Minister Says Biden Waiting for Midterms to Normalize Relations with Dictatorship

Maduro's Foreign Minister says Biden Waiting for Midterms to Normalize Relations with Dictatorship

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THE VENEZUELAN regime expects the Biden administration to “get on track” in “a clearer way” the relationship with dictator Nicolás Maduro (after some rapprochement this year amid the energy crisis over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) after the mid-term elections in November.

“Midterm elections are expected in the US. President (Joe) Biden is said to be waiting for that to happen to then get on track, in a clearer way, his relationship with our government. So we are waiting for that to happen”, said the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Carlos Faría, in an interview with the state channel VTV.

Venezuela and the US, whose relations were broken in 2019, held, in March, a meeting in Caracas (where Joe Biden’s Administration sent a high-level delegation), whose agenda, which includes energy security, resumed in June, when a US delegation traveled again to the Caribbean nation.

This rapprochement, according to the foreign minister, has been “an initiative of the U.S. Government”, which seeks a “normalization in energy exchange, in the reestablishment of cooperation in that area, because it is in its interest at this time”.

“Nicolás Maduro said (that) we are ready to reestablish that cooperation, because that, of course, would open the conditions and the doors so that work could begin on the normalization of the political as well”, assured Faría.

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