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Bill de Blasio Imposes Vaccine Mandates for Private Sector

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Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, announced on Monday that he will impose mandatory vaccination on the city’s private sector. It is the first measure of its kind to be promoted in the United States.

New York imposes vaccine mandate on the private sector.

“We have the tools, but we have to use those tools aggressively and we have to move quickly. And that’s why I described the actions we’re taking today as a preemptive strike,” said the mayor in a statement reported by the EFE news agency.

The Democrat maintained that, although few cases of the new variant have been registered, omicron will end up being predominant in coronavirus cases. However, he indicated that no closures are being evaluated in the city.

Mandatory vaccination also for children

The new order stipulates that vaccination will also be mandatory for everyone over the age of five and proof of vaccination must be presented at schools and other activities deemed necessary. The measure will come into effect as of December 14.

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