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Poll Shows Marco Rubio 11 Points Ahead of Rival Val Demings

Marco Rubio supera a Val Demings y se mantiene cerca de la reelección, según encuesta


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A poll by Center Street PAC found that Republican Marco Rubio remains close to reelection and is ahead of Democrat Val Demings. According to the poll, the Republican would win reelection with 52% of the vote.

“In in Florida’s U.S. Senate race. Rubio leads Demings 52% to 41% among likely voters, with 7% undecided. Among registered voters, the gap narrows, with Rubio leading 46% to 39%, with 14% undecided”, the center explained.

Center Street co-founder Matt O’Brien highlighted the challenge for the candidates and explained that the data should be compared when the candidates release their first promotions. “Based on the data, Demings has more work to do to improve her awareness and image with voters. Right now, her campaign has to focus on the basics: getting Demings established in voters’ minds”, O’Brien said.

Marco Rubio and other Republicans

The poll also explained that “Demings made impressive gains in awareness, favorability and overall preference from March to July, but her momentum appears to have halted. Despite strong fundraising and heavy ad spending, Demings made little improvement in name recognition, as 19% of registered voters are still unaware of her.”

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The survey highlighted that the outlook for Republicans looks favorable nationwide. “As in other states’ Senate races, Republicans hold a substantial advantage in voter enthusiasm in Florida. Center Street’s data currently project 70% of Republicans as Likely Voters versus 63% for Democrats.”

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