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Marco Rubio: Left-Wing Violence in Colombia Seeks to Destabilize President Duque

Marco Rubio - El American

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) addressed on Thursday the protests and violence in Colombia. The Republican explained that, in his opinion, it is an orchestrated plan by Marxists and the left to destabilize the government of Iván Duque.

“Behind much of the violence occurring in #Colombia this week is an orchestrated effort to destabilize a democratically elected government,” Rubio wrote on Twitter.

Likewise, he argued that this situation would be being driven by “left wing narco guerrilla movements and their international Marxist allies.” Rubio is referring to the day of violent demonstrations in Colombia after Duque’s government proposed tax reform. Although Duque withdrew the reform and accepted the resignation of Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla, protests have continued.

Marco Rubio: the left destabilizes Colombia

Rubio is not the first politician to accuse the left of being behind the movements in Colombia. On Wednesday, Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno said that Nicolás Maduro was behind the protests.

Marco Rubio - Colombia - El American
Several commentators and politicians have said that protests in Colombia are part of an orchestrated plan of the left. (EFE)

“Maduro, take your filthy and bloody hands off the people of Colombia,” he said before participating in the Democracy and Liberty Forum taking place in Miami. Likewise, he assured that he informed Duque of having detected Maduro’s interference in Colombia.

“I had already told Duque that we had detected the gross interference of the dictator Maduro in what is happening at this moment in Colombia”, said Moreno.

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