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Mark Levin Debunks Claims Baby Formula Shortage Was Caused by Putin

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Renowned lawyer and commentator Mark Levin posted some forceful messages on his Twitter against people who support Vladimir Putin in the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory.

Levin referred to those who question government spending in Ukraine and complain about formula scarcity. He stressed that the inflation and shortages experienced in the United States were already there when Putin decided to start military operations.

“And it’s not about federal funding but government incompetence,” Levin insisted.

In another message, he commented that, in his opinion, “Some are confusing America First with a pro-Putin propaganda operation and Bernie Sanders hate-America foreign policy doctrine.”

The scarcity Mark Levin is talking about

Mark Levin’s comments come after it became known that the shortage of baby formula is on the rise and is starting to worry Americans. A study conducted by Datasembly, reviewed by El American, revealed that the shortage of this product reached 31% during April 2022.

Regarding the situation, the founder and CEO of Datasembly, Ben Reich, detailed that it is one of the most affected products in the supply chain and warned that the shortage could deepen in the coming days.

Republican Rep. Carlos Gimenez compared the crisis with what has happened in Cuba and Venezuela, countries that have experienced a complex humanitarian crisis due to the socialism promoted by the regimes that govern them.

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