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NYC Mayoral Hopeful Maya Wiley Wants to Defund Police While Using Private Security

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Maya Wiley, Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York, wants to defund the NYPD, while her home is protected by private security. Wiley’s home is located in Brooklyn.

According to The New York Post, Wiley stated in December that she thought private security was “ridiculous and we shouldn’t have it.”

Police sources rejected Wiley’s proposal and attitude. This is because they consider that what she is really looking for is to please her voters. The candidate pointed out that she wants to eliminate police funding, but not to take away her family’s protection.

“Cops laugh about it all the time. Cops know when they retire, they will get hired by someone like Wiley,” said the anonymous source.


On her Twitter feed, Maya Wiley promised a police restructuring. “It is time the NYPD sees us as people who deserve to breathe,” she wrote in the description of a video in which she explains her proposal.

Despite Wiley’s proposal to defund the police, the media outlet details that official NYPD statistics show that the neighborhood where the Democrat lives with her two daughters – in a home valued at $2.7 million – has decreased major crimes in six out of seven categories so far this year, compared to the same period in 2020 thanks to the work of the officers.

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