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Microsoft to Bring AI Chat to Phones and Skype

Microsoft llevará su chat de inteligencia artificial a teléfonos y Skype, EFE

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Microsoft announced Wednesday that its AI chatbot, Bing, will be available on smartphones and Skype, and that users will also be able to interact with the chatbot by voice.

In a statement released today, the company created by Bill Gates showed the preview of its new Bing and Edge search apps for iPhone and Android.

However, Microsoft has not yet announced a public release date.

At the moment, only a select group of people have access to the new AI-powered PC search engine – powered by the technology behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT – and, according to the company, there are “multiple millions” of people on the waiting list to get their hands on the new search engine.

On the Bing mobile app, users can tap the Bing icon to start a chat session, where they can ask questions through text messages or by voice, the release detailed.

Users will also be able to access Bing updates through the Edge mobile app’s home page, Microsoft said.

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“Because we know 64% of searches occur on mobile phones, we are releasing all new Bing and Edge mobile apps to serve as your copilot for the web even when you are away from your desktop,” the release highlighted.

In its Skype version, the 36 million users will be able to include Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tool in group chats and ask it questions.

“For example, if your family is chatting about the next family reunion, you can simply ask Bing for suggestions on travel destinations, expected weather forecasts and interesting events around your time of travel, and everyone in the chat will get access to the results,” the company explains.