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Rep. Mike Waltz Blasts the Left: ‘Socialism Failed in Cuba’

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Hundreds of Cuban Americans have repeatedly asked President Joe Biden to take a stronger stance on the reality of Cuba. But Biden’s actions, so far, don’t go nearly far enough, said Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), who represents Florida’s 6th Congressional District and is one of the most active advocates in the House of Representatives on the U.S. relationship with communist leaders in China.

One month after the protests in Cuba, repression against its citizens still persists. Added to this are the extreme conditions in which they live and the mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. In the face of this, Cuban expatriates and politicians who support a free Cuba continue to take to the streets of the United States in solidarity against human rights violations on the island.

The communist regime of Miguel Diaz-Canel has since blocked internet access to prevent images of the protests from reaching media outlets around the world, however, several images and videos still surfaced.

“Where is the Organization of American States, where is the international community, where is Joe Biden’s leadership for the United States and for freedom, for Cuba? You know why he is so quiet, because he is afraid of the left, and the left is afraid of all of you. They know why they demonstrated, that socialism has not worked, it will not work, it failed in Cuba and it will fail in the United States” said Mike Waltz.

New sanctions against Cuba

The president recently condemned the mass arrests and unfairly staged trials of Cubans deprived of their liberty, and also announced new sanctions against elements of the Díaz-Canel regime responsible for repressing protesters, including General Álvaro López Miera, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, and a division of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior.

In addition, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced additional sanctions against Lopez Miera and a special unit of the Cuban Interior Ministry Forces referred to as the “Black Berets”.

Mike Waltz told a crowd near the White House that from his podium he will make sure that the United States will always fight for freedom in general and for freedom in the United States:

“And this is what I love about our brothers and sisters in Cuba right now, what flag are they flying? They (Cubans) are flying the flag of the United States.”

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