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Monica de la Cruz Destroys Democrat Argument that Latinos Are Leaving for GOP Because of ‘Disinformation’

Mónica de la Cruz interviews by El American

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The major demographic-electoral shift starring Latinos, who increasingly identify with the Republican Party, has the liberal-leaning national media and Democrats disoriented and unable to find coherent explanations to understand this political phenomenon. Consequently, they resort to a cheap excuse that they repeat over and over again: Latinos are leaving for the GOP because of “disinformation.”

The excuse has been repeated so many times by Democratic officials and their media amplifiers —the progressive media— that a large portion of people identified as “liberals” believe this narrative.

An illuminating study by WPA Intelligence highlights this phenomenon. According to a poll of 1,000 Democratic voters conducted Aug. 22-25 —which asked them to choose why Hispanics are swinging to the Republicans—, 57% of respondents who consume MSNBC chose “disinformation” as the main reason, while 54% of CNN viewers came to the same conclusion.


WPA poll on why Democrats believe Latinos are leaving with the GOP.

However, although media such as NBC News, Politico, Huffington Post, or The New York Times endorse this narrative, for Monica de la Cruz, GOP candidate for the 15th congressional district of Texas, the explanation has other reasons, more linked to the political, religious and moral values of Latinos and also to the disenchantment of Hispanics towards the Democratic Party due to its radical progressive drift.

“Some Democrats have a hard time accepting that the extremism of their party’s leadership — on everything from the economy to cultural issues — is alienating Hispanic Americans. They resort to these ridiculous conspiracy theories to avoid coming to terms with the truth, but they have no one to blame but themselves for their problems with Hispanic voters,” said Monica de la Cruz, in an interview with El American.

“No one forced them to call us ‘Latinx’ or ‘breakfast tacos.’ Just like no one is forcing them to campaign with irrelevant celebrities every four years to win our vote. Nor did anyone force them to say a neo-Marxist represents ‘the future’ of their party. They did all of this on their own and Hispanics are just paying attention,” said the congressional candidate.

For Monica de la Cruz, Latinos have no ideological or moral ties to the leftist policies presented by the Democratic Party today. Consequently, the rapprochement of Hispanics towards the GOP has been gradual and logical.

“That’s why every day I meet Democrats who tell me they’re voting for me because they’ve realized there is little left of the party their abuelitos once supported. I’m honored to have their support and look forward to serving all of the residents of TX-15 in Congress. We’re all Americans,” said de la Cruz.

Monica de la Cruz is not alone in this sentiment. In fact, the country’s leading conservative talk show host, Tucker Carlson, agrees with the her, and in a lengthy monologue, he went into why Latinos are going with the GOP and came to a clear conclusion: Latinos are no dummies and know which party best aligns with their interests.

How can conservatives dismantle this narrative?

As the “disinformation” narrative advances among liberals, conservatives must do something to counter it, especially to capture the attention of independents and moderate Democrats. The solution to that, at least for Monica de la Cruz, is simple: present the facts.

“This liberal narrative falls apart when confronted with basic scrutiny, logic, and facts. For example, a common Democratic talking point is to blame conservative radio stations in Miami for their Hispanic losses,” de la Cruz told El American. “There’s only one problem: these stations do not reach South Texas, Virginia, and Georgia where we’re seeing some of the biggest gains for Republicans with Hispanics in the country.”

Likewise, de la Cruz recalled the “absurdity” of “Democrats accusing Hispanics of being misled by ‘misinformation’ when polls show that nearly 1 in 4 of them believe that some men can get pregnant.”

Perhaps this approach to the hypocrisy of American progressivism has earned Monica de la Cruz many attacks from the liberal press, especially from CNN and The New York Times, who in their eagerness to maintain their Democrat-friendly editorial line, have called the Hispanic candidates in South Texas “radicals” of the “extreme right”. Nevertheless,  de la Cruz says these criticisms, far from weighing on her, have made her stronger.

“ I am so proud of my heritage. My South Texas roots inform my values and worldview. The radical left can call me whatever they want. I will never apologize for believing in the American Dream, opposing socialism, and fighting for economic prosperity, secure borders, and parental rights for families in my community.”


Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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