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Nancy Pelosi Boasts About Biden Being a ‘Great President’ and Democrats Winning the House in Midterms

Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently went on a rant about the Democrats’ fortunes in the 2022 midterm elections and even called Biden a “great president.” Watch:

“So, I’m not — I have absolutely no intention of the Democrats not — winning the House in November,” she belted out. “I think that and terms of our work that this president is done and he’s been a great president.”

“I don’t know about polls, but I do know about winning the races, one district at a time,” she rambled on. “When we won in ‘18 we won 40 seats, 31 in Trump districts. He wasn’t on the ballot. I said now comes the hard part, because he’s now on the ballot in 2020, so we lost about a third of those seats, but the ones who won are practically ironclad. Some of them have a little different tweaks for better or worse on redistricting, but we expect them all to come back and — and to add to our number.”

She also gave her stamp of approval on the Biden administration’s handling of the national baby food shortage. Watch:

“Are you satisfied with the urgency with which the White House has handled the issue —” a reporter asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“And with the Senate may or may not even vote on something before they leave town today?” the reporter added.

“I don’t know if they will do it when they leave town today but the bill that we passed, the WIC bill is a bill that perhaps you want to hear, but for those who were, we were here with Debbie Stabenow just the other day when she was introducing the bill with Bobby Scott and Jahana Hayes,” Pelosi said. “So, we have — we have already gone down that path. And then in terms of, yeah, I mean, we have to have the money for the FDA to do its job. So I think that we will have some success.”

“What’s the objection?” she continued. “We don’t want to spend money on babies who are crying for food? OK. Let’s have that debated, OK? All right.”

“Are you fully satisfied with the administration’s response —” the reporter followed up.

“I am,” she said. “Yes. These things — first, you have to analyze what the — how did this happen.”

On Tuesday, Pelosi suggested that criminal charges could be brought over the ongoing baby formula shortage, saying that an “indictment” might be needed after the investigations have concluded.

Pelosi said babies who died consumed formula “that was contaminated” was “sinful,” adding, “that’s one thing they’ll be looking at.” She also said that abortion is a “kitchen table issue” and that it is now on the ballot.

“A woman’s right to choose is on the ballot, and that is a kitchen table issue,” Pelosi said. “So we feel more comfortable. We we love the candidates. They’re great. They emerge from their districts, as will our message emerge from, the people and we just have — people really want us to win. So from the standpoint of their generosity in terms of ideas and volunteering of time, as well as the necessary resources to win the day we feel pretty confident and we’re very proud.”

Meanwhile, even left-wing analysts like NBC’s Chuck Todd have warned that Democrats are in for a “shellacking” in November.

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