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NASA Seeks Volunteers for Mars Life Simulations

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NASA opened on Friday the application period for volunteers in the United States who want to participate in exercises to simulate conditions on the planet Mars, which will take place in one of its centers in Texas.

Starting in the fall of 2022 and lasting a year, those selected will be subjected to simulated stressful situations in space, which will help research methods and techniques that will serve to solve and avoid potential problems in manned missions, the aerospace agency explained on its website.

There will be a total of three simulations, with four volunteers participating in each one. The experiments will take place in a 158-square-meter 3D printed habitation module.

The space will emulate conditions on Mars, such as resource limitations, possible equipment failures, communications delays and other environmental factors that can cause stress in a real crew.

Volunteers will also be required to participate in simulated spacewalks and perform scientific research tasks, as well as test virtual reality and robotic controls.

Volunteer requirements include being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, being a healthy, non-smoking person between the ages of 30 and 55, and having a high level of English to be able to communicate effectively.

NASA also requires a master’s degree in engineering, mathematics, biology, physics or computer science from an accredited institution and two years of professional experience in one of those fields, unless you have 1,000 hours of flight experience as a pilot.

NASA is currently developing the Artemis program that seeks to send the first woman and a man to the lunar surface in 2024, while preparing a manned mission to Mars.

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