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NBA Shuts Down Dallas Mavericks: All Teams Must Play the National Anthem


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The NBA issued a statement Wednesday ratifying that teams belonging to the league will maintain the policy of singing the national anthem.

“Now that teams are in the process of welcoming fans back to their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in accordance with league policy,” the NBA said, according to Reuters.

In this way it would respond to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who said his team stopped playing the national anthem before games.

Cuban, reacting to the NBA statement, indicated that the Mavericks respect and have always respected the passion people have for the anthem and for America.

“I have always stood for the anthem with my hand over my heart, no matter where I hear it,” Cuban said in a statement. “But we also hear the voices of those who don’t feel the anthem represents them. We feel they also need to be respected and heard, because they have not been heard.”

The national anthem before games is a long-standing tradition in the United States. It grew stronger, especially after World War II when the American sense of patriotism reached a formidable level.

At that time, the NFL began to require that the anthem must be played before every game, and that quickly carried over to other sports.

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