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New Lawsuit Against Trump and His Family | Aguilar Opina

Nueva demanda contra Trump y su familia | Aguilar Opina, EFE

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The persecution against former President Donald Trump has not ceased. In this week’s Aguilar Opina we discuss the new lawsuit filed by Letitia James, NY Attorney General, for fraud against the former Republican president.

In the program, Alfonso Aguilar also interviews Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Oz and discusses the week’s issues with Emmanuel Rincón, writer and editor-at-large at El American, and Gualberto García-Jones, editor of American ProLifer.

To address the midterm elections, Aguilar spoke with Dr. Oz, who explained that Hispanics in the U.S. are starting to worry that Joe Biden is going in the same direction as the countries they fled.

“Hispanics coming to this country, they want opportunity, they want individualism, they want free enterprise and capitalism. They know these are the cures for the ailments they left behind. However, we are going to make, unfortunately, the same mistake if we don’t stop the radical left from staying in power,” the Republican said.

He argued that a political balance is needed and warned of the consequences of letting the left take control of the Senate. “One of the reasons this Senate election is so important is that we will help the Republican Party take the Senate and that will stop Biden’s radical left policies that are wrong,” he insisted.

In the new lawsuit against former President Trump, Alfonso Aguilar maintained that Letitia James has long had the goal of going after the former president. “Letitia James’ commitment, as a candidate, was to persecute Trump (…) the left wants to remove all opposition to its ideological agenda,” Aguilar explained.

The political and economic situation – Aguilar Opina

Meanwhile, Gualberto Garcia Jones explained that most Americans are defending the lives of hundreds of babies in the face of the push and promotion of abortion in the U.S. “We are asking that the most fundamental right of all be respected: life (…) there is no other issue that is so difficult to communicate through the media,” Garcia stressed.

Emmanuel Rincón talked about the economic crisis and also commented on Joe Biden’s foreign policy, specifically with respect to Ukraine. “Biden has sent millions of dollars to Ukraine, without proper accountability to taxpayers (…) there has been no attempt to seek a short-term solution.”

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