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New York to Fund Universities to Promote Cannabis Education

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The state of New York announced Monday that it would give funds to public universities to promote the training of workers for its growing cannabis sector, whose use was legalized last year and which authorities expect to become a significant source of tax revenue.

In a statement, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul said she would allocate $5 million for the two public universities, the state (SUNY) and the city (CUNY), to create or enhance courses and training programs that will serve to accredit qualifications to local businesses in the cannabis sector.

The funds announced today will be distributed among numerous college campuses across the state and are expected to reach approximately 4,900 students.

In addition, the state Department of Labor and the Office of Cannabis Management will help connect businesses and job seekers with these training programs and, once completed, support them to enter the marketplace, including resume preparation and interviewing.

Last April, the mayor of New York, also a Democrat, Eric Adams, announced his intention to invest 4.8 million dollars in promoting the cannabis industry.

According to official forecasts, the recreational use of marijuana in New York is expected to generate 1.3 billion dollars in revenue in its first year and create between 19,000 and 24,000 jobs in 3 years, in addition to becoming a significant source of tax revenue in 2025.

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