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‘There Is No Purgatory for War Criminals, They Go Straight to Hell’: Ukrainian UN Ambassador to Russia

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Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations Sergiy Kyslytsya on Thursday referred to Russia’s military invasion of his country and told his Russian counterpart Vasily Nebenzia that war criminals “go straight to hell.”

“There is no purgatory for war criminals, they go straight to hell,” Kyslytsya expressed.

Kyslytsya also called on Nebenzia, who this month holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council, to act in the face of what he called a war against Ukraine. He argued that President Vladimir Putin should be called upon to stop the aggression.

Moscow (Russian Federation), Ukraine’s ambassador condemned Russia’s action against his country (Image: EFE)

Response to the Ukrainian ambassador

Nebenzia replied that his country has nothing against Ukrainian citizens, but it does have a difference with those who govern in Kiev. The situation arose during an emergency meeting of the Security Council, which was held while Putin announced in Moscow the start of military intervention in eastern Ukraine.

“At the end of the meeting, the Ukrainian ambassador considered it a shame in the history of the UN not to have taken action in recent years in the face of the situation in the Donbas and encouraged all countries to vote in favor of the resolution condemning the intervention that the United States and its allies are expected to present this Thursday,”EFE news agency reported.

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