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Orbán Says With Trump as President, There Would Be No War In Ukraine


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Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán predicted on Saturday that Ukraine will not win the war against Russia, and that peace will not be achieved until after the next U.S. presidential election in 2024.

“Ukraine will never win against Russia,” Orbán said in the Romanian town of Baile Tusnad at an event organized by Romania’s Hungarian minority.

“There will never be Russian-Ukrainian peace negotiations,” as Moscow wants security guarantees, he added.

The Magyar leader assured that Moscow would only negotiate with Washington, something he implied would not be possible with the current head of the White House, Democrat Joe Biden.

“The first real chance for peace in Ukraine will come in 2024, when presidential elections will be held in the United States,” Orbán said, implying that the Democrats would lose those elections.

Orbán was convinced that the Russian army would not have invaded Ukraine if the power of the United States and Germany had still been in the hands of former President Donald Trump and former Chancellor Angela Merkel, respectively.

“If at the critical moment Trump had been the president of the United States and Angela Merkel the chancellor of Germany, there would be no war in Ukraine now,” he said.

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