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‘Out Of Control’ Chinese Rocket Could Crash into Earth in Few Days

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According to the U.S. Special Command, the Pentagon is monitoring an “out-of-control” Chinese rocket that could fall to Earth in the next few days. The rocket is due to return to Earth’s atmosphere this weekend.

Despite the surveillance, the agency detailed that it does not know exactly where the rocket will descend because the images show the location 10 km above the Earth, where the object should pass through.

“Space Control Squadron will be offering daily updates to the rocket body’s location on Space-track.org beginning May 4,” the agency wrote on its official website.

¡DESPEGUE del módulo central de la estación espacial china, #Tianhe! Segundo lanzamiento del Long March 5B 🚀pic.twitter.com/ta24chX7WH

— Frontera Espacial (@FronteraSpacial) April 29, 2021

Chinese rocket launch

Similarly, the Chinese used the rocket to launch part of their space station last week. While most space debris objects burn up in the atmosphere, the size of the rocket, 22 tons, has raised concerns that some of its larger pieces could re-enter the atmosphere and cause damage if they hit inhabited areas.

“Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, is tasked with providing 24/7 support to the Space Surveillance Network and tracks more than 27,000 man-made objects in space”. 

Tianhe | Los propulsores laterales del cohete se han separado con éxito. ¡Recordemos que la etapa central del LM-5B llega a órbita!pic.twitter.com/2pzWmOyZJY

— Frontera Espacial (@FronteraSpacial) April 29, 2021

“All debris can be potential threats to spaceflight safety and the space domain, and the 18th SPCS delivers front-line space defense and warnings to the global space community,” he added.

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